Simple & solid power scheduling for Microsoft Azure

Finally, an easy way to run your Azure virtual machines (and spend) only when you need to.


Code-free Integration

SkyPlug integrates in minutes and is 100% point-and-click. Save the coding headache for another project.

All Your Subscriptions Under One Roof

Connect multiple Azure subscriptions to SkyPlug and manage their resources in one place.

Instant Notifications

Configurable notifications let you know immediately that your schedules are working.

Bring the Team

Add your team members to SkyPlug to delegate management as you see fit. Role-based access control and auditing provide security for safe collaboration.

Microsoft Azure VM Scheduling

Simple, Flexible Scheduling

Take action when it makes sense

SkyPlug works on your schedule with a variety of flexible schedule types to maximize efficiency. Examples include:

  • One-time: Friday May 1 2017 at 10:00
  • Daily: Every day at 10:00
  • A specific day of week: Saturdays at 06:00
  • A specific day of month: Every second Tuesday
  • On an interval: every 30 minutes or 3 hours
Azure Scheduled Power Management Integration

Painless Integration

Get connected in minutes

You'll be able to connect quickly and securely with your existing account — no additional setup or configuration required. Simply confirm your identity to Microsoft and click to grant SkyPlug the ability to connect and manage your virtual machines.

Azure Virtual Machine Schedule Logs

No Mysteries

Robust logging for operational awareness

All your scheduled action results and usage activity are recorded in detailed logs for troubleshooting and auditing. You'll know immediately if something went wrong — not when a surprise shows up on this month's bill.

Start Saving for Free

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